Mould Removal Services

At CLF Services we offer solutions to all of your mould-related problems in and around the Brisbane and Logan areas. No matter what kind of mould you’re dealing with or where it is located, our mould specialists can help you out and solve your problem. 

Black Mould Removal

Often mould is found in hard-to-reach dark and damp areas including bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Specifically, mould is typically found in drains or pipes, air conditioning units, room corners, and other appliances. Our team can access even the hardest-to-reach areas and complete a full mould removal treatment for you. Because of Brisbane’s humid subtropical climate, there is a much higher risk of mould growth within your home or workplace. No matter where it is in your home, if there is excess moisture and a lack of light, you’re at risk of mould. CLF’s team of expert mould specialists can take care of any issues you’re having with black mould in Brisbane. Our black mould removal services are always done to the highest standard with your health and safety in mind. 

Mould Removal Process:

  • Thorough and complete mould removal and cleaning of the area
  • Specialist mould treatments to properly remove all traces of the mould
  • Treatments to minimise the risk of the mould returning 
  • Certified + credited mould removal techniques

If you don’t get the mould in your home removed and treated as soon as possible, it can have many negative side effects on your family and your health including, irritated eyes, wheezing, dizziness, poor sleep, and more. Let CLF Services take care of your Brisbane black mould removal today.

Mould in Air Conditioning Units

If you suspect that you may have black mould in your air conditioner, the Brisbane mould specialists at CLF Services can help you remove all traces of mould and avoid the risk of it returning. Your home’s air conditioning can be a breeding ground for mould and can be difficult to remove on your own. Our mould experts can access your air conditioning unit, and make sure everything is fully cleaned and all of the mould is properly removed by professionals with the best treatments. Our mould specialists always use all of the best black mould treatments to remove the mould and also to help prevent future mould growth in your air conditioner.

Work With A Friendly Team of Experts

Our team are all specialists in mould removal and can help you with any mould-related issues you find yourself in no matter where you’re located in the local areas around Brisbane we can provide treatments for black mould in Logan, Brisbane or any of the surrounding areas. Our team are qualified and certified to work with mould safely, and to prevent any hazards within your home. In addition to this, the CLF team care about you and your family’s health & safety. We want to make sure that you are not at risk of any mould-related issues or anything that may cause harm to your family. 

Request an Inspection or Service Today! 

Get in contact with the team of mould experts from CLF Services today and we will provide a full inspection to check for any mould spouts or mould-related issues in your home and eradicate the issue entirely. If you have any reason to suspect the presence of black mould growth in your home, CLF Services is the team to call, get in contact with us at 1300 882 202