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Air conditioning is crucial to the medical industry, whether you’re running a simple consultation office, dental clinic, or a pharmacy within the hospital. The type of AC system that each medical center requires depends on the number of users, floor plans, budget, and rooms. For instance, a hospital with shared rooms may not use the same AC system as a medical center with individual, private wards. Also, a patient ward won’t have the same AC system as the consultation room.

CLF Services is your go-to Brisbane company for all your medical center air conditioning needs. With decades of combined experience, our technicians will take you through all the factors determining your air conditioning capacity needs. Moreover, we guarantee ongoing technical support to keep your systems running in all seasons.

Our Medical Centre Air Conditioning Services

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Medical Room Air Conditioning Installation

Even though medical rooms’ heating and cooling needs vary, split air conditioning systems will always give you the best experience. Besides being cost-effective, we can install these units without changing the room’s design.

Dental Clinic Air Conditioning Installation

Our professionals will recommend ducted air conditioning units for your dental clinic, especially if there is ducted space in the ceiling. That way, we can do the installation job without interfering with the room’s design. But why ducted air conditioning units? Most of these units are visually pleasing because they fit in the ceiling completely, with only small grilles remaining visible on the outside.

Pharmacy Room Air Conditioning Installation

The pharmacy is where you keep the drug supplies, and it will help if this room stays in balanced temperatures at all times. For pharmacies, we can install cassette air conditioning units for you. These units camouflage in the ceiling and deliver four-way airflow. Thus, they will ensure the entire room experiences balanced cooling regardless of the size. Moreover, some cassette air conditioning systems come with individual louver controls.

The Best Medical Centre Air Conditioning Services in Brisbane

CLF Services is the best company to approach when you need air conditioning services in your medical center. We understand the patience and silence required when working in a hospital environment. Our polite and well-mannered team will do all the repair and maintenance work without interfering with the patients. Besides a free quote and unlimited consultation, we offer a flexible, 0% payment plan for our services.

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