Stick to BBQs and backyard cricket this weekend, and leave electrical work to the experts

CLF Services Urges Aussies to avoid DIY electrical work over the upcoming long weekend, and stick to barbecues and back-yard cricket instead.

many Australians used the opportunity of a long weekend to get odd jobs done around the house, but for many those jobs included performing illegal electrical work.

Aussies faced serious injury or even death from attempting their own electrical repairs.

“Do-it-yourself home improvements have always been a great national pastime, and have become much more prominent in recent years with home renovation shows on television

This weekend is a great opportunity to catch up on any repairs you’ve set aside, but please get the help of a qualified electrician for any electrical work.

You might think it’s a simple job to change a light fitting or replace a power point, but if you get it wrong you could kill yourself or a loved one.

CLF Services is urging Aussies to stick to backyard cricket and barbecues this weekend. DIY electrical is one national pastime we should be looking to stamp out.

While you may think you can save money by ‘having a go’, just stop and ask yourself if it’s really worth risking your life or that of a family member.

The upcoming weekend should be a time of happiness for Australians, so we need to take every precaution to ensure no tragedies occur.

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