The Importance of Electrical Safety Checks

Electrical safety checks involves carrying out some tests after doing a visual inspection of the electrical system. This is done by a certified electrical contractor.

The visual inspection will spot broken devices, wrong location of the installation, or even overheating. After that, the electrical inspector will give the findings, their implications, and an advice on the inspection.

The findings will tell whether the electrical system is safe to use or it needs some remedies. It will also highlight the items that need to be attended to if there was any issue detected.

Why you need an electrical safety check

  • It ensures that equipment and circuits are not overloaded.
  • It ensures that there no bad wire connections and that the wires are connected in the right order.
  • It will ensure that the earthing is done in compliance with government regulations.

Tests done in an electrical safety check

  1. Insulation resistance test

This one measures the total resistance of a component’s insulation. It should be done after every repair or replacement.

2. Earth continuity test

It is done by computing the resistance between the ground and outside the metal body of the product being tested. in most cases, the maximum acceptable value should be 0.5Ω. This test ensures that the product does not trigger electric shock that can result from insulation failure.

3. Current leakage test

Here, undesirable leakage current that flows through or across the surface of the insulation is measured.

Questions that an electrical inspector should answer after performing the safety check.

  • Are all electrical components strongly fit for use?
  • Are the electrical components securely put in place?
  • Are safety switches, circuit breakers, and fuses correctly rated for the circuit they are attached to?
  • Is the key to the fuse boxes kept responsibly?
  • Are the main switches easily identified and within reach for everyone in case of an emergency?
  • Are electrical repairs and replacements by a certified electrician?
  • Are there any open wires that can be dangerous?
  • Is there any improper splicing of electrical wires?
  • Are all the cables and wires securely fixed?

Safety checks are crucial for the safe operation of any component that uses electricity. They expose issues which when attended to can save the cost of repair and replacements. Therefore, it is for the best concern that consumers have regular electrical safety checks done to their electrical systems.

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