How to Tell if Your Heater is Energy Efficient

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Heating costs are one of the biggest worries homeowners have to deal with; many are always looking to reduce energy costs. Ensuring the heater is energy efficient is one of the ways of reducing heating costs.

Signs of efficient heating system

Efficient heaters help lower the housing bills while you are comfortable in your house during cold seasons. Here are some things to consider while determining how energy efficient your heater is likely to be.

The age of your heating system

As technology improves, the more energy efficient devices become. Modern heating systems are more energy-efficient than the ones produced decades or a decade ago. As heaters age, their energy efficiency capabilities also decline; their energy efficiency is estimated to decline by about 5% annually. Regular maintenance by qualified electricians keeps the heater energy efficient, but eventually, age will catch up with it. When thinking about the age of your heater, consider when it was produced and compare it to the ones currently available in the market as these heaters are required to state their level of energy efficiency. This should help to determine how efficient your system is.

Check at your housing electrical bills

AC bills do fluctuate depending on the season and how likely you are to be using the system for extended periods of time, to heat or cool. To understand the fluctuations in the heating costs, compare your heating costs at this time of the year and the one you paid last year. A comparison, assuming you used the system in a similar way, will help to inform if your unit is becoming less energy efficient. If the heating costs are rising, you should ask CLF Services, your Brisbane Electricians, to service your heater to make it more energy-efficient. They can replace parts that are aging or advise for certain upgrades.

Check on the Energy Efficiency rating

An energy efficiency rating is an indicator that shows how efficiently the heater converts fuel into energy. The higher the rating, the more efficient the system.

A rating above 80-100 is considered efficient depending on the region you reside; if you get any value lower, you can contact CLF services for help. We have an expert team to help you install the system and ensure it is running efficiently or who can install a new unit if the efficiency of the current unit is too low.