How to Secure Your Gardening Equipment

Lawnmowers and gardening tools rank as some of the most commonly stolen items from sheds and garages. CLF Services exist to provide homeowners with better security on all things related to the home, and if needed, they can install security systems for the home. Gardening tool theft happens from more than lone opportunists, and some people have made a big business from it. Let’s have a look at how people can protect themselves.

Don’t Open the Door of Opportunity

Leaving the door of the garden shed open gives thieves the chance to look inside and see what they can steal. Homeowners might use a sheet or blanket to cover items when not in use. Keep expensive valuables like lawnmowers and hedge trimmers out of the line of sight. Power tools especially fetch a good price on the market and thieves target them. Keep the valuables either out of sight or well hidden. Many times before a thief breaks in, they will check to see if the property would be worth it. If they see valuables out in the open, such as in a garden shed, they will wonder what else your home hides.

Mark the Possessions

Put an identifiable mark on it that keeps thieves from selling it easily. For example, homeowners might mark their garden tools with paint or a permanent marker that has their name, phone number and zip code on it. This may not stop thieves from removing the marks, but it serves as an additional barrier.

Having an Alarm System

Having an alarm system can help to deter burglars, and at the same time, it helps to cover you under insurance. Many times, insurance companies will require that homeowners keep an alarm system to cover them.

Garden tool theft has risen steadily in recent years, and people want to take extra precautions to prevent someone from making off with their hard work. Making it harder to case and installing a better lock can send thieves looking for homes in the other direction. If you are interested in learning how to secure your garden tools in Brisbane, contact CLF Services today!