How to Recycle or Discard Your Air Conditioning unit

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There are many options for properly disposing of your air conditioner. You should be careful when moving your outdated air conditioner if you are recycling it yourself. Accidentally breaking the refrigerant lines or tubes can be highly polluting, so it is best to have someone to help you move the unit.

Here are some of the options:

1.) Reward Programs

Begin by contacting your utility provider to see if there is a reward program available. Next, inquire about if they provide a collection of old devices in your neighborhood, as well as any costs or limitations that may complicate your disposal.

For donating an old air conditioner, some energy suppliers may even offer you a credit or a refund on your account.

2.) Disposal and recycling programs

If you’re disposing of your air conditioner yourself, consult your local council for information on your state’s disposal laws. In Queensland, your air conditioner needs to be degassed before you can take the unit for disposal. See some disposal locations here.

3.) Vendors

Contacting the AC’s company that will be replacing your outdated unit is another option for disposing or recycling an old machine.

When you purchase a new air conditioner, many appliance stores will recycle and dispose of your old one. When you recycle with them, they also might offer a discount on the replacement air conditioner or cash.

While you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, ask the salesperson if they have any pickup and removal offers.

4.) Generosity

Finally, if your cooling system is in good working order, you may donate it rather than recycling it. Look online to check if any nonprofits, institutions, retirement homes, or churches in your neighborhood might benefit from an air conditioner. You can also get a tax credit for doing so.

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