How can I make my ceiling fan improve airflow?

Here at CLF Services, we help clients install ceiling fans with expertise and proficiency. Ironically, one of the most common questions they get from our customers is how to optimise airflow. Often a ceiling fan may be spinning but the amount of ventilation it is providing isn’t adequate to justify it being turned on.

Did you know that improved airflow all depends on which direction the blades on your ceiling fan are rotating?

In the summertime, a ceiling fan rotation must be turned counterclockwise so that the blades blow cooler air downwards. The air being forced downward will feel like a column of cool air.

This is the greatest ceiling fan orientation for ventilation because it gives the impression that the air is colder than it is.

The direction switch establishes the counterclockwise spinning. To check, see the owner’s handbook for your fan. If you’re not sure if your fan is spinning in the right direction, stand exactly underneath it and gaze up. If you sense a surge of air as the fan spins counterclockwise, it’s set correctly for summertime.

If there isn’t much airflow, the fan may be rotating in the incorrect direction. Switch the fan motion off and wait for your fan to fully stop. Your fan may have a malfunctioning motor if you don’t feel a cool rush of air.

In the cold, being told to switch on a fan doesn’t seem like a good idea. However, ceiling fans can be utilised to regulate airflow even in the winter.

In winter, the ceiling fan must be turned clockwise and set at the lowest setting possible. Cool air is drawn upwards toward the ceiling, displacing heated air that ascends and accumulates up to the ceiling.

In the winter, a clockwise motion is particularly needed if you have high ceilings. It forces the warmer air held at the room’s very top to descend. The room will seem warmer as a result.

The low speed eliminates any “wind chill” and maintains a constant and continuous airflow. Look up while standing underneath the fan and make sure the blades are spinning clockwise.

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Note – not all ceiling fans provide the option of changing direction. In this case you could look at a split system air conditioner which can heat and cool instead. CLF Services can provide you with installation and servicing of all types of air conditioners.