Hidden Surveillance Cameras Motion Activated

When it involves beefing up security in your residential home, surveillance cameras go a long way in enhancing that. But which surveillance makes the best bet? It depends on your security needs. Do you want to catch the burglar in action? Do you want clear footage to prosecute an intruder or file insurance claims? Answering these questions helps determine whether you need to install visible or hidden cameras.

CLF Services specializes in installing hidden surveillance cameras across Brisbane and its environs. We guarantee up to 99.99% customer satisfaction without charging any extra penny above standard rates. Moreover, 2have a 0% payment plan for customers who can’t pay in cash. Talk to our experts to explore your financing options for first-time installations and ongoing maintenance.

Why Should You Opt for Hidden Surveillance Cameras?

Gather Information

Many reasons can prompt you to gather information around your home, including proving or disproving suspect activity. We can help you install hidden cameras in designated spots to catch people in the act. However, kindly note that you can only use footage captured by hidden cameras against an individual within the legal bounds.

Catch a Criminal

There are two types of criminals, including those who will steal whether surveillance cameras are around or not. The other group steals only when there is an opportunity of getting away scot-free. With a hidden camera in your front door, criminals will think there is no way the homeowner can incriminate them and proceed to do the crime. You can share this video with the local police department to take the bad guys off the street. In addition, this will enhance general security around the neighborhood.

Foil Criminals

Career criminals are highly skilled and often disable security cameras before going into a house. The good thing with hidden cameras, we can install them next to a visible decoy camera. Then, as the bad guys try to disable the decoy, the real hidden camera will capture their identity.

Motion Sensor

Lastly, you would want to install hidden cameras that come with motion-sensing technology. These cameras are efficient and will only record in the event of motion. You’ll likely experience an increased battery life or power-saving capabilities. Moreover, this technology eliminates hours of non-usable videos that consume large amounts of storage or memory.

Don’t Leave Your Home Unprotected

We can help safeguard your property and other valuables by installing high-quality hidden cameras in access points. While any exterior area of your home is a potential entry point for invaders, we always zero down our installations to the front door, first-floor window, backdoor, garage, backyard, and driveway. We can also do room installations if you want to monitor your domestic workers.