Hidden Security Cameras

Hidden Security Cameras Brisbane

When installing a security camera in your business or residential home, you get to choose if you want to hide or expose it. Hidden security cameras are a go-to option if you want to monitor employees or homeworkers to ensure you don’t pay for shoddy services. You can install these cameras in your residential home to watch over babysitters or an intruder in your room. Since hidden cameras are invisible to unwelcomed intruders, you’ll get more details about the person since they’ll likely be more careless than in the presence of a visible security camera.

However, you’ll only enjoy the benefits of your security cameras if installed correctly and in the right place. You don’t want to jeopardize your safety and security by covering dead zones or through video signal erosion. What are the considerations when installing hidden surveillance cameras in your home or office? An experienced security service provider will recommend the following:

  • Wired or Wireless Surveillance Cameras?

Wireless surveillance cameras sound like the best option if you want maximum discretion. Wired cameras may give the best, clear signal, but it won’t take long before someone realizes its location. Remember, a hidden surveillance camera is for your use, and the security team; no one else. You would also want to see what other family members do when you’re not around.

  • Potential Entry Points for Intruders

Intruders can access your house from anywhere in the exterior environment. But since you’re using hidden security cameras, you would want to narrow down the entry points to the ones that intruders will likely use. In most home invasion cases, intruders use the front door. Your technician may recommend installing hidden surveillance cameras in this order of priority; front door, first-floor window, backdoor, garage, backyard, and driveway.

  • Power Source

You can opt for solar-powered hidden cameras for outdoor applications if you want to keep your energy bills low. However, since the solar panel is visible, you can disguise the camera under a lighting fixture. Intruders will see the lighting but not the camera. Some homeowners also prefer electricity power throughout. In that case, your technician will use a PoE cable that bundles power, video, and audio functions into one.

  • Signal Transmission

Can you run the transmission cables through the walls, ceilings, or floorboards without anyone noticing? If no, then PoE cable transmission is not ideal for your hidden surveillance cameras, even though it offers clear signals. If you go wireless, it will help if the technician installs the cameras around open places and less-dense walls. Wireless surveillance cameras may not transmit clear signals through dense masonry walls.

  • Ideal Installation Height

Even though other people cannot see the hidden camera, it still helps if your technician installs outside cameras at an ideal height, say eight or ten feet above the ground. Some pets are so intelligent and can be inquisitive if they notice something new. You don’t want your pup to let everyone know that there is a hidden camera at a specific spot. Also, don’t mount your cameras too high, where it can be challenging to clean or service.

  • Hidden Surveillance Cameras for Your Home and Office

Suppose your technician considers the above factors during installation. In that case, your cameras will capture what you usually suspect in the office or intruders who try to access your home when you’re not around. Remember, you can also customize hidden surveillance cameras to record in the event of detected motion to keep green energy bills.