Get better home security with Uniden security cameras

Keeping your home safe has never been easier. There are developments in technology that are geared towards helping homeowners like you to personalize their home security. At CLF, we understand the problems that homeowners face every single day. To keep you safe, we only offer and install security systems from reputable manufacturers.

Some of our most reliable security products are the Uniden security systems.

We install them differently depending on our clients’ individual security needs. For instance, if you have a larger house, the eight-channel DVR system with ample feeds storage would be more appropriate for you. With such an installation, you should be able to monitor every part of your home remotely. We also have smaller units for small and medium homes.

Uniden has a wide range of products, including a 100% wire-free smart security camera that contains a large capacity rechargeable battery, solar panel recharge kit, full HD 1080P and micro Sim. The current Uniden security cameras also comprise heat and movement sensor detection that detects human movement as opposed to that from trees and other objects. This offers you the ability to act quickly and decisively to alert the police as needed.

The good news is that Uniden security camera systems can be connected with other security systems to give you a powerful, integrated line of defense. This includes connecting it to voice-assist technologies like Alexa and Google Assistant. With such a system, you can achieve better control and better protection since you can control all your security systems from a central point.

For instance, when the wrong access code is fed into your system, you will get an instant notification on your phone. You can then view the live camera feed to find out who is attempting to access your house. If it is an intruder, you can set off the alarm remotely. Other accessories that you can add to your security system include sensor lights.

If you are determined to achieve the highest levels of security, you might consider upgrading your home to a smart home.

CLF is a highly reputable company in Brisbane with in-depth experience in Uniden security installations. If you intend to have your home upgraded with the quality cameras and other security systems, contact us today on 1300 257 561!