Fuse box repairs

Fuse Box Repairs Brisbane

When power goes out in your home it may be the result of a neighbourhood power outage or have something to do with your own electrical systems. This could be related to old fuse boxes, poorly performing circuit breakers, bad wiring or quite simply an overloaded circuit.

If you notice that power has gone out in one area of your house, it is likely that a circuit has been overloaded and your safety switches have been activated. If you believe this has happened due to having too many appliances connected at once, unplug those electrical appliances first and then go to your fuse box or mains box to investigate.

Look at your circuit breakers and if one has moved into the OFF position, you can push it into the ON position and this should restore power to that circuit. If this resolves your issue, try to monitor appliance usage and avoid having multiple appliances that use a lot of electricity running at once.

How do you know if a fuse is blown in a breaker box?

If the problem continues to occur, you may have a blown fuse. When looking at the board you may notice that the metal within a particular fuse has melted or it seems to have encountered some damage when you compare it to the other fuses. This can cause a power outage in your home and if it is not fixed it could cause significant damage to the fuse box or even result in a fire hazard, which could lead to a household fire.

How do you fix a blown fuse?

Fuse repairs are complex procedures and should only be undertaken by master electricians, as electricity can be very dangerous if you are not experienced. Contact an electrician or emergency electrician like CLF Services to repair the issue. It may be a simple problem that is easy to fix, or it could require some new wiring to ensure any potential hazards can be avoided.

If you are experienced and feel comfortable however, you can remove the fuse that is damaged and replace it with a fuse of the same size and specifications. Taking it to your local hardware store is often the simplest way to find your replacement.

Why does the fuse keep blowing?

If your fuse keeps blowing, it is likely to be a sign that there is a household fuse box or meter box issue. It may also be your water heater that is causing blown fuses. Older style homes tend to have this happen more often than newer ones, as their wiring and circuits may also be old and need replacement or repairs.

If you find that this is happening regularly and you need to have your fuse box repaired, contact us today – your local Master Electricians – for a free quote on 1300 882 202.