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ARC licence number – AU54842

Fujitsu is a global brand that manufactures a variety of electrical appliances, it also produces air conditioners that represent great value for money.

Fujitsu General Group was established in 1936 in Tokyo, Japan. It started as a manufacturer of loud speakers, radios, and phonographs. Over the years, their product range widened and evolved in keeping with market demand.

In 1965, Fujitsu teamed with Suburban in the USA to develop their first window type air conditioner and over the next ten years, they proceeded to launch a range of air conditioners including their easy to install “min min” cassette air conditioner in 1971. The “min min” cassette air conditioner, a type of air conditioning unit that is usually installed in the ceiling and are good in the case of a suspended ceiling as it provides sufficient space for installation.

In 1973, Fujitsu established their Australian Headquarters and in 1980, Australian households and businesses are greatly influenced by Fujitsu’s High Energy Efficient Rating air conditioners. Three years later, the wall-mounted air conditioners were introduced and in 1999, Fujitsu launched the VRF split system.

The company strengthened their market position further when the Australian consumers awarded Fujitsu with the Canstar Blue “Most satisfied customers” award in 2012. The following years, they won various international design and product awards giving them a stronghold in the global market.

In 2016, Fujitsu General Limited and Rheem announced a strategic collaboration that will expand the heating and cooling product portfolios for both companies, particularly the HVAC systems, to cover the North American market share.

With all that said, Fujitsu remains to be one of the leading manufacturers of quality air conditioners up to this day. Their air conditioners are energy efficient and has less environmental impact. Most Fujitsu air conditioners are made in either China or Thailand, and are known to offer their products at very competitive prices.

Fujitsu air conditioner types:

Fujitsu General produces four main types of air conditioners in Australia. In this report, we’ll review each type, their feature and prices, to help you make a more informed purchase decision.

  • Wall Mounted (including split system air conditioners)
  • Multi Systems (an outdoor unit to connect a variety of air conditioners)
  • Floor/Ceiling Consoles
  • Cassette Air Conditioners

Within each of these categories there is a large range of individual models and in 2019, Australian customers gave Fujitsu 4 out of 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction for air conditioners.

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