Earthing Wire

CLF Services are experts in earthing techniques.

Grounding is a principle of electricity that serves as a backup pathway to provide an alternate route for the current to follow back to the ground. The solid mass of the earth has a negative electrical charge. Ideally, positive charges will be attracted to it. Therefore, a ground wire helps the positive charge to get to the ground safely in a direct, safe, and controlled manner. The excessive current is eliminated without the risk of causing electrical fires or shock.

Why grounding is important

1. Protection against electrical overload

Grounding will protect your appliances and your home and everyone in it when there is an electric surge. Lightning is a natural phenomenon that frequently occurs, depending on your location. When lightning occurs, it causes the power to surge and produce dangerously high voltages in the system. When the electrical system in your home is grounded, all the excess charges will be redirected to earth, preventing damage to electrical appliances and fire breakouts.

2. Helps direct electricity to the right place

When your electrical systems are grounded, it allows for power to be directed to whichever place you need. This grounding enables the currents to move safely and efficiently across the entire electric system in your home.

3. Stabilises voltage

Grounding also plays a vital role in the stability of voltages in your home. A grounded system produces the right amount of power to be distributed to wherever it is needed. It prevents circuits from being overloaded or blowing out. Typically, the earth is a reference point for the several voltage sources in the system.

4. Earth serves as a conductor.

The Earth generally is one of the best conductors of electricity. Because of this, it helps keep you safe and everyone else in your home. Excess power takes the path of least resistance, and when grounding is done in your home, you give the excess current an ideal place to go.

5. Prevents damage, injury, and death

If you live in a property that doesn’t have a properly grounded electrical system, the risk of every appliance in your home being fried beyond repair is enormous. Overloads are also common causes of fires. Electric fires cause severe injuries and death. It is best to work with professionals to guarantee your property is well-grounded.