Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Brisbane

ARC licence number – AU54842

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning is the most comprehensive and considered the ultimate entire home cooling solution. Ducted Air Conditioning can be installed in almost any home regardless of size, inclusive of residential apartment towers. Ducted Air is one of the most popular types of refrigerated air conditioning that Brisbane homeowners have gravitated toward over the last 20+ years. Ducted Air’s flexibility is a hallmark of its attraction to homeowners, as it can provide heating as well, thus removing the need to have a separate heating system installed. 

CLF Systems have extensive experience installing Ducted Air Conditioners right across Brisbane and we will ensure you get access to the best units at the most affordable prices. 

Ducted Refrigerated ACs are a significant investment in not just your home but also your lifestyle. By choosing a Ducted AC you are choosing quality and freedom. It is however important to ensure the system continues to operate at peak efficiency, which is achieved via regular servicing. It is unfortunate that too many property owners overlook the need to regularly service their ducted systems, which results in sub-optimal performance and shorter system operational lifespan, for instance 10 years for an irregularly serviced system versus 20 years from a fully serviced and maintained system. 

CLF Services are waiting for your call and are here to explain just how ducted refrigerated air conditioning could be the right fit for your home and family. Call 1300 257 561 now to access your local CLF Services team member across Brisbane.