Do You Need Electrician to Install An Oven

A professional electrician is required when you are looking to install a new electric oven, to prevent hazards and to ensure that it is fitted and hooked up correctly. If you are installing a gas oven, you may also need a plumber to install the gas component. And whichever type of energy is supplied, you can also choose from a freestanding unit or a built-in oven.

Ovens can only be removed if the electricity supply is disconnected safely. CLF Services can manage this for you as part of the removal and installation process.

Some of the popular ovens they have installed include:

  • Microwave wall ovens
  • Wall ovens
  • Electric ovens
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Miele ovens
  • Bosch ovens
  • Chef ovens
  • Electrolux ovens

If the new oven is a different size to the existing one, there may be some additional carpentry work required. CLF Services can advise on this as part of their quotation. 

Oven Installation Cost

There is no standard price for an oven installation. The overall cost will be influenced by several factors like the location of the existing power outlets, the number of appliances being installed, and the type of installation.

Contact CLF Services for an oven installation quote.