Do You Know How to Prevent Dryer Fires From Happening?

Dryer fires happen more frequently than you might know. Fortunately, you can learn how to prevent dryer fires from happening in the first place.

Warning Signs of Potential Dryer Fires


Always keep an eye out for the following warning signs of the potential for a dryer fire:

  • You smell something burning inside your laundry room.
  • When you take your clothes out of your dryer, they are much hotter than usual.
  • Your clothes either don’t completely dry or they take much longer than they should to dry.
  • Your laundry room has higher humidity levels than normal.
  • The outdoor dryer vent doesn’t totally open when the dryer is operating, which might indicate a clog blocking the exhaust.
  • The exterior of your dryer gets really hot.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Dryer Fires

Dryer fires are regrettable incidents that cause needless damage to homes and properties, also putting human lives in danger at times. Fortunately, there are specific steps you can take to prevent them from ever happening.

  • Clean the Ventilation System: Flammable lint is the primary danger in play. Follow the machine manufacturer directions for the disconnection and cleaning of the dry duct and vent.
  • Mind the Lint Screen: Always keep the lint screen clean. Never use your dryer if the lint screen is not present. Clogged lint screens are fire hazards, and missing lint screens don’t keep lint out of the ventilation.
  • Hang-Dry Flammable Items: If you have clothes that came into contact with flammable substances, such as oil and gas, then air-dry them outside the dryer so they don’t ignite.
  • Split Up Big Loads: Dry clothes faster with smaller loads to minimize the chance of something happening.
  • Keep the Area Clean: Sweep up dirt and lint from around the dryer. Also, get under it. Don’t place things on top of the dryer.

Never Do These Things


Whenever you do laundry, never do these things:

  • Run your dryer if you aren’t home.
  • Sleep while the dryer is running.

Someone needs to not only be home but also be awake enough to notice signs of danger.

Call the Professionals

While you can do a lot to make sure your home is okay, it’s also smart to have a qualified electrician come out and look things over. Contact CLF Services for a professional visit that sets your mind at ease.

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