Do-It-Yourself Air conditioner

ARC licence number – AU54842

CLF Services is highly experienced and regarded as one Brisbane’s leading installer and repairer of air conditioner units across Brisbane. We have installed and repaired thousands of air conditioning units of every make and model and with our deep expertise and experience warn consumers again attempting to do a DIY air conditioner installation or service. 

If you install your air conditioner without the correct tools and knowledge you may generate higher energy bills and a lower level of AC system performance. Downstream repairs may also be more costly following a diy air conditioner installation because of something being incorrectly attached or installed. We have encountered various issues which have arisen from incorrect diy air conditioner installation which had the potential to be dangerous and hazardous to health. 

The key reasons not to install DIY air conditioning yourself can be neatly summarised by the following reasons.


  • Dangerous 


As noted above installing air conditioning yourself can be dangerous and there are too many cautionary tales of home and business owners installing their own air conditioning unit leading to electrocution injuries and deaths. Given the technical nature of AC systems, it simply isn’t worth the risk, for a small installation fee, to your own and loved-ones health and safety. CLF Services are the professionals that you should turn to install your AC unit safely. 


  • Warranty void


If you undertake a DIY air conditioner installation you will likely be voiding some warranties, especially if you don’t follow strict regulations. Many professional air conditioner installations come with a guarantee of rigorous workmanship and a warranty, so if something goes wrong with your AC system you have protection from the brand’s warranty. 


  • Correct Air Conditioning Installation


Despite the sleek and compact appearance of a new air conditioning unit, properly installing a AC is not as easy as it may appear. Should you install without  the correct tools and knowledge you are likely to incur higher energy bills and a lower level of system functional output. Repairs may also be more costly because of a part being attached or installed incorrectly. A professional AC technician from CLF Services is recommended as they will prime an area for installation and also advise you on how to maintain your AC in premier condition. 


  • Correct Capacity 


Should you purchase and install an air conditioner yourself, without proper due diligence you may choose a model that does not have the correct capacity for your room. If your AC has too low a capacity for your room or space being cooled, it will more likely malfunction leading to higher energy costs and inferior performance. If you choose an air conditioner that has more capacity than you need you will be paying more for the model than necessary. A CLF Services professional can provide a free quote on the AC Unit best suited to your home and give you a sound estimate of on-going running costs. 

Due to our commitment to quality, our air conditioner sale is structured so you will get access to the very best AC systems on the market at the best prices. CLF Services also provide high quality AC servicing to a wide range of domestic and commercial customers at the most economical rates in Brisbane. 

Don’t delay and call CLF Services today on 1300 257 561 to discuss what hot deals we have in our current air conditioner sale.