Do fake security cameras protect residential properties?

While Brisbane might be among the moderately safe cities on the east coast, there are still cases of vandalism and theft here. You therefore need to consider our modern home security systems to keep your property safe.

We understand that the desperation for affordable security methods has pushed many homeowners into installing fake security systems to create an illusion of safety. While this may seem effective, it’s not. An experienced criminal can easily identify a fake security camera. Another disadvantage is that you will not have any video-taped evidence to help you in your case if your property gets vandalized.

Our experts have come across people arguing that it is better to install a dummy security camera than have none. Besides being inexpensive, they are popular since they mimic the real thing. However, if you want to enjoy actual security and keep your home safe inexpensively, we have great camera options that are highly effective.

We are one of the most competent Brisbane electricians, which means that you can trust us to do the right security security camera installations. We work with quality camera systems, such as Uniden and Cocoon security, that are designed keep your home under 24-hour surveillance without a glitch. We have varieties of cameras that you may select depending on your needs. For instance, you can choose between a wired and wireless camera system. A wireless system provides tamper-proof security and can be remotely controlled when you are away from home. You can also choose security cameras according to how they are powered. You have wired, battery, and solar options.

Apart from security cameras, our company specializes in access control and security alarm systems that can turn your home into a safe haven. Additionally, we can customize these systems to meet all your security needs. For instance, you could have an integrated security system that turns your house into a smart home. While this may sound like a luxury, there are many advantages of having an integrated system.

An integrated security system allows you to monitor and control your security system remotely and in real-time. Thanks to its cloud-based live feed storage, you will be able to get evidence of vandalism and playback feeds at your convenience.

Other security components that we offer include access control to determine who can access your home. You can also get sensor lights. These flood light LEDs turn on when they detect motion. They accessorize cameras to make night protection efficient. Since they go off when there’s nobody around, they are an excellent way to keep your home energy efficient unlike conventional security lights.

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