Commercial Air Conditioner Service

Commercial Air Conditioning Servicing Brisbane

ARC licence number – AU54842

When was the last time you had someone check your commercial Air Conditioner (AC)? ACs are vital tools for ensuring the comfort of employees and customers. A comfortable working environment translates to increased productivity and efficiency, leading to increased revenue. AC maintenance and servicing is a vital practice to keep your business running flawlessly.

CLF Services repairers can help maintain and service your commercial AC. We have robust experience in maintaining and servicing Brisbane AC’s systems. Our technicians will:

• Perform a System Diagnostic Check
Do you know that your system can pose a significant danger to customers and employees if it malfunctions? Not to mention how it can bring business operations to a sudden halt. Our qualified team specialises in performing system diagnostic checks to ensure the system’s proper functioning and thermostat. That means you can have peace of mind because all systems are correctly running to guarantee user safety.

• Inspect and Maintain Your System Components
From time to time, it is essential to inspect and maintain your system components so that you don’t face sudden repair costs. Regular inspection and maintenance can save you a lot of time and resources. We help in cleaning the blower components, condensation drain, and lubricate movable parts.

• Spot and Resolve Ductwork leaks
Duct leaks often culminate in hiked energy bills, which can prove expensive to sustain your business operations. You will end up with an uncomfortable working environment that affects the psyche and productivity of your team. Customers will also find it hard to wait in the customer service line. We identify and resolve ductwork leaks before they get out of hand. This tweak will guarantee happy employees and satisfied customers to drive more sales.

• Confirm Proper Refrigerant Levels
As a business owner, you seldom have time to inspect the refrigerant levels of your system. Even if you do so, it is not often. Focus on making your employees and customers happy. Leave the technical job of ensuring equipment efficiency to us. Our team will confirm proper refrigerant levels to minimize the risk of damaging the compressor before exhausting its lifespan.

• Prevent Unnecessary Damages and Repairs
Lastly, you will prevent unnecessary damages and repairs that would otherwise result in expensive costs through regular servicing. Our scheduled maintenance program helps identify and fix smaller issues before they get complicated. We also issue expert advice on basic maintenance routines to enhance the lifespan of your AC components. Moreover, this prevents future system failure that would result in untenable business disruptions.

Looking for AC Service Tailored to Meet Your Needs?
Every business has various needs when it comes to AC heating. We have a team of dedicated experts who can tailor AC service for your system to cover scheduled maintenance and specific repair on selected equipment. We are always one phone call away to help your business save on energy bills and enhance operational efficiency. We will ensure that you experience that at affordable rates.