Cheap air conditioners

ARC licence number – AU54842

CLF Services have access to the widest range of cheap and affordable air conditioners in Brisbane, and we are waiting for your call to discuss the best AC unit to suit your needs and budget. 

Buying a new air conditioning unit can be a challenging exercise, and requires a number of considerations including;

  • Is the room or house insulated? 
  • the dimensions of the room/space that is being cooled
  • the structural components of the room for mounting the AC unit
  • upfront cost and ongoing running costs
  • AC purchase budget

At CLF Services our in-house team of friendly and experienced technicians will guide you through the decision-making process to secure the most affordable and appropriate AC for your home. The following guide will help you decide on the size of the unit based on how large the desired area to cool. 

Room size Example Approx. capacity
Small (up to 20m2) Bedroom, study, small kitchen 2–2.5kW
Medium (20–40m2) Bedroom with ensuite, small lounge 2.5–5kW
Large (40–60m2) Large bedroom, mid-sized lounge, large kitchen 4–6kW
Extra large (60+m2) Open-plan areas, large lounges 5–9kW


Insulation is a significant factor in how much heat you can keep in or out of a room and thus will impact on the type and size of air conditioner you need. CLF Services have installed thousands of cheap and affordable AC units across Brisbane and is expertly placed to provide you with the very best air conditioner solution and the best price. 

Call  1300 257 561 today and we look forward to helping you with your cheap and affordable air conditioner purchase.