Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan can be a great, energy-efficient way to add cooling to your home, which, in turn, can then allow you to run your air conditioning on a lower setting or, in some instances, replace your air conditioning altogether for even more energy savings.

They also come in different blade numbers, sizes, and styles, as well as different motor sizes, for various levels of cooling.

Some also come equipped with lights, which enables the fan to double as both a cooling source and a lighting source, and many models also include a remote to control the fan settings as well as the light settings for added convenience.

A ceiling fan can also be installed outdoors, such as in an exterior family room or dining area, to invite the perfect breezes into your space for even more enjoyment.

During the winter, your ceiling fan can also be used to circulate heated air around the space, simply by switching it to winter mode, which causes the blades to circulate in the opposite direction, thus generating a warmer breeze that also enables you to continue to save on your energy costs even during the winter.

However, an improperly installed ceiling fan presents several dangers.

For instance, if the fan is not securely bolted to the ceiling, it can permit the fan to become loose and wobbly during use, which risks falling mid-operation, putting your family and friends, as well as your furnishings, at risk of injuries. It can even damage the ceiling itself, which can also lead to costly repairs.

Furthermore, if the wiring is not properly connected, it can cause the unit to short when in use, which can even travel down to the light switch where it can cause electrical shock whenever the switch is turned on.

An improperly installed ceiling fan also prevents the unit from functioning efficiently, which can end up costing you money to operate it rather than saving you money on energy costs.

If your product contains a warranty, it can also cause it to be null and void, as one of the conditions of your warranty is that the ceiling fan must be properly installed, which our certified technicians can help ensure.

We can also help you select the right ceiling fan for your needs for maximum results.

Some popular ceiling fans we install include:

  • Honeywell ceiling fans
  • Airborne ceiling fans
  • Eglo ceiling fans
  • Fanca ceiling fans
  • Ventair ceiling fans
  • Ceiling fans with light attached
  • Alternating current (AC) ceiling fans
  • Direct current (DC) ceiling fans
  • Indoor ceiling fans
  • Outdoor ceiling fans
  • And more

For more information about CLF Services and how we can help you safely install your ceiling fan or other electrical appliance, feel free to contact us for a free quote. As with all of our installation services, we also offer competitive pricing and budget-friendly pricing options to help make your installation more affordable.