Can Electricians Install a Cable Outlet in My Home?

Meta Description: “Can electricians install a cable outlet in your home? Most of the time, the answer is yes. In fact, they might be the only professionals who can do it!”

Can electricians install a cable outlet in your home? Most of the time, the answer is decidedly yes. It might even turn out that they’re your best choice.

Cable companies such as Foxtel might have to come out and turn your cable services on but if the actual cabling is required, then an electrician is who to call. Even though cable infrastructure doesn’t run power to appliances, it’s still sending electrical signals over wires, which puts it in the purview of electricians.

To get a cable outlet installed in your home properly, the cable will be inside the wall and out of sight, with the cable jack as close as possible to the electrical device you are going to hook up with the cable. That shortens the length of actual cable you need from the appliance to the jack and keeps the wall outlet out of view. This also means that less cable will be in reach of pets, children, and potential accidents.

Reasons why electricians should be chosen to install cable outlets:

  • They’re experienced in cutting drywall and putting in wire.
  • They know where to cut as well as where to cut the power for safety.
  • Cable outlets aren’t physically different from power outlets.
  • Electricians have all the right tools.
  • They show up with vans fully stocked to get it all done in one appointment.
  • They clean up after themselves so there’s no mess for you to worry about it.
  • They’re highly qualified and experienced.

If you have a home that doesn’t yet have cable, a room that could use an outlet, or need an outlet to be moved or replaced, then call CLF Services to schedule the work you need in the hands of reputable professionals.