Bullet Camera

Best Bullet Camera Brisbane

CCTV cameras are one of the most common things people think about when they think of getting a home security camera. However, there are different camera types to choose from, each different depending on the coverage, installation, and shape.

A bullet camera has a cylindrical and long shape, making it perfect for the outdoors. One of the main advantages of getting these cameras installed is that they have long-distance viewing.

They also come with protective casings, which shields them from dirt, dust, water, and other environmental disasters.

These cameras are easy to install because they come with mounting brackets, which makes it hard for the Brisbane electricians to get it wrong, ensuring that the cameras last a long time.

These cameras are the best to install in large areas like the backyard, parking lot, and front yard. They have a noticeable presence, which is enough to scare away any home buglers.

They also come with infrared illuminators, which give them night vision, ensuring that surveillance continues all night long.

Depending on the area homeowners want to cover and the visibility they need, they can choose from a few types of bullet cameras that these Brisbane professionals have, including:

  • Mini camera- Being small cameras, these are perfect for homeowners who want surveillance for shorter distances. These cameras also have a wider viewing angle than the bigger ones. These are perfect for installing at the door above the entrance.
  • Pan-Tit-Zoom- PTZ cameras are perfect for monitoring big areas because the homeowner can remotely adjust the direction of the camera lens and the zoom.

They have flexible viewing angles because the homeowner can position the body of the camera in any direction. Therefore, they are perfect for installing in places like parking lots.

  • Outdoor cameras- These are the most common ones, and many homeowners install them at the house entrances because of their visibility. They have night vision, making them the perfect choice for night footage.

However, they are vulnerable to people tampering with their mounting arms are exposed.

  • Analog cameras- Also called the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, these cameras depend on on-prem recorders such as DVRs. They pass the recorded video through the coaxial cables to the recorder, and all cameras must be connected.