Best security camera systems

There are many different types of security camera systems available for your home or business. 

For your home, products that you choose should be based on the following considerations:

  • The layout of your home and the areas that need to be monitored
  • How many levels your home is
  • The car and pedestrian traffic out the front of your home and how likely this will be to trigger false alarms
  • How large your front yard or driveway is
  • Whether you have pets that may trigger lights or cameras
  • If you have existing wiring already in place for a security system

These considerations will help you decide if you would like a wired or a wireless solution. Wireless cameras are not necessarily wifi connected, wireless simply means that they are battery powered and do not need to be connected to the electricity supply.

For large homes, it may be beneficial to wire up the systems to give you a wide coverage across the key areas that need to be included, such as the front door, the back door, the driveway and upper levels.

For smaller homes, a wireless camera will most likely be sufficient. Battery life in the cameras is usually between one and three years, which gives you plenty of time between replacements.

You may also wish to look at cameras that feature motion detection, which triggers the camera to start filming and saves energy by not filming all the time. These can also incorporate night vision and/or motion sensor lights that will allow you to have video footage throughout the day and night. And video doorbells are also useful to capture footage of delivery drivers or people trying to access your property when you are away from home.

The types of security cameras available includes:

  • Indoor cameras 
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Bullet 
  • Dome 
  • IP or Internet Protocol
  • Wired or Wireless 
  • Smart home integrated cameras

The best security camera depends on your needs. For more information on the CLF Services range of security cameras, contact us today.