Are all electric vehicle chargers the same?

Are all electric vehicle chargers the same? Consumers probably wish they were. Unfortunately, at least as many types as smartphone cables exist.

In fact, two new types for public chargers now exist in New South Wales. The good news is, newer solutions offer improved performance. The latest charging sources are classified as Level 4 and “Ultra-Fast.”

Now, some vehicle operators can replenish battery power almost as fast as it takes to refill a petrol fuel tank. Keep this information about vehicle chargers in mind when planning your next property construction project.

Level 1 – It outputs about 2,4-.37kw of power and adds about 10-20km/hour to a car battery. It mostly is used at home, and it takes 5-16 hours to charge.

Level 2 – The L2 offers 7kw of power and can provide 30-45km of driving range per hour. Charging time typically takes only 2-5 hours, which is significantly more efficient than the Level 1. This one does benefit people who need a charger at their house. It also works well at shopping centres and car parks.

Level 3 – This EV battery charger produces 50kw of power and only takes 20-60 minutes to charge. It adds 250-300km of driving range. You will find this near highways, motorways and primary routes. People who frequently travel long distances would prefer this type.

Level 4 – Even more powerful than the Level 3, minimum charging time is only 20 minutes, and maximum charging time is only 40 minutes. You will also find this near major highways and primary routes. It manages a 400-500km driving range per hour and outputs 120kw of power.

Ultra-Fast – It is not officially called “Level 5,” but that is what it is. It is the fastest charger available in NSW as of July 2021. It achieves an astounding driving range charge of at least 1000km/hour with every recharge. You also will typically find this one near highways and motorways.

Times are Rapidly Changing

Times are changing as rapidly as some new chargers replenish car batteries. Therefore, some faster power stations only available in public now might be offered in homes in the future. Fortunately, CLF electricians remain aware of current technological changes, so individuals and businesses can receive the best service.

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