Advantages of a split system air conditioner

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With the Brisbane summer months’ rising to scorching temperatures of 40-45 degrees celsius, air conditioning units have become an essential appliance in every home and business. There are many types, models, and brands of air conditioning units on the market, so it is worthwhile doing some research to work out which one will best suit your needs.

Split system air conditioning? Floor mounted? Portable?

A split system air conditioner can be a wise investment as there are advantages of these types of systems over alternative types of air conditioners.

But first, what is a split system air conditioner? It is called this because the system is split into two individual units and, for each to function, it relies on the other. One unit holds the compressor and condenser components and is normally placed outside. The other unit contains the distribution and filter components. These units are connected by copper tubing that replaces the expensive ductwork in central air systems.

Energy efficiency -The reason why central air conditioning systems are not energy efficient is that they lose a lot of energy through ductwork. Leaky ducts can see a loss of up to 30 percent in cooling energy. With a split system offering a completely ductless design, it provides increased energy efficiency when compared with other types of air conditioners.

Reduced noise – A split system is very quiet, generating only around 19 decibels of sound.

Scalable – Because one outdoor unit can control multiple indoor units, a split system is capable of providing even cooling throughout your space. This also means that split system air conditioners can provide significant savings for larger homes or businesses.

Design – Split system air conditioners can blend in with any interior decor. They can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on walls. In addition, many offer elegant and sophisticated exteriors that are aesthetically appealing.

As with any air conditioning unit, installations require the help of professional electricians. CLF Services offers installation and repair services for any type of appliance, including split system air conditioners.