With a company history spanning more than 200 years and the first automatic alarm system to be developed just after World War II, ADT is now a household name when it comes to security.

ADT Security Systems are affordable and offer indoor and outdoor home security systems. Whether you are looking for CCTV, alarm systems or comprehensive monitoring solutions, an ADT system can be installed on your property to give you peace of mind and protect your family and home.

ADT also have comprehensive security solutions for businesses, with CCTV systems, 24/7 monitoring, access control systems and patrols (note – this is not conducted by CLF Services). There are also solutions for banking, transport and government.

CLF Services continually scans the market for the best quality security systems providers and will design security systems┬ájust for you that reflects your needs, your property and the level of protection that you would like to put in place. Whether it is an ADT solution or platform from another security provider, CLF Services is Brisbane’s number one place for security installation, repair and service.

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