5 Safety Tips to Remember When Your Electricity is Out


It is quite irritating and annoying when the electricity goes out especially if the power outage is unexpected. It is important to do a number of things in case of a power outage to guarantee your safety and that of your belongings. Here are five safety tips to remember when your electricity is out.

  1. Ensure that all appliances and other electronic gadgets in your house are unplugged from the power source. This is to prevent cases of damages and fire outbreaks due to power surges. A power surge happens when the electricity comes back with an excessive surge, and this leads to overloading the electronic devices.
  2. Ensure that the house is well ventilated should you decide to use generators and gas stoves. Sometimes, it may be necessary to use a generator to power the appliances or to light a gas stoves to keep your house warm. However, this should be done with caution because these sources can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. The best option is to place the generator outside and to open the windows to ensure proper ventilation.
  3. Adhere to guidelines from public safety authorities for emergency information. The public safety authorities usually provide citizens with information on how to behave during a power outage, and these guidelines should be strictly followed to avoid unwanted consequences. Additionally, a power outage may be a planned event, therefore, you should keep checking for updates concerning the same through social media and other available news sources. If you rely on a particular device that requires electricity throughout, you should contact the authorities for assistance.
  4. If the power outage occurs at night and you are forced to use alternative lighting options, go for flashlights instead of candles because candles can easily cause fire. If you must use a candle, ensure that you use a candle holder, and it should be placed far from inflammable materials.
  5. Freezers and the fridge should be kept closed during the power outage because these devices can keep the food in good condition for several hours, but when left open, the food in the freezer would get damaged more quickly.

These are the 5 safety tips to remember when your electricity is out, and in case one is in need of residential, commercial, and industrial electrician services, they can contact Brisbane electricians CLF Services for reliable, affordable, and high-quality services. 

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