10 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Many homeowners fail to notice indoor air quality, the only time we notice air quality is when we open the windows and the doors. We often ignore the importance of air quality and the means of improving it. 

How to improve the air quality

Open windows

Always keep the windows open during the day whenever you are home. The windows will suck out of the house any debris suspended in the air, and in exchange, you will get quality air coming in.

Put smoking restriction in your house

If you have anyone who smokes in your household, ensure they know where they can smoke, outside the house or on the patio. Smoking inside the house emits a lot of chemicals that can negatively impact indoor air quality.

Improve the general home sanitation

Vacuum the house regularly to remove any debris. You should clean other materials such as doormats that can accumulate lots of dust. Clean other hidden sections of the house to keep dust away.

Monitor the home humidity levels

Use smart devices to track and maintain home humidity levels below 50%; this will help you prevent mould growth. You can use dehumidifiers and humidifiers to keep the air quality tolerable.

Use organic aerosols

In case you have to spray the house, use organic aerosols rather than synthetic aerosols. You can also use other organic fumigation methods, such as baking soda. Synthetic aerosols particles can stay suspended in the house longer, affecting the air quality.

Use plants to promote air filtration

Plants require carbon iv oxide for reproduction; you can have an indoor live wall to absorb carbon dioxide and improve the oxygen quality in the house. You can use plants such as English Ivy and peace lily as plants that thrive indoors.

Clean beddings and clothes in the house

Clothes and beddings can trap dust, mites and other pollutants that accumulate in the house. Wash your clothes and bedding regularly to reduce the dust and other products from building up.

Purchase air purifiers

Air purifiers help deter dirt, allergens, and dust from accumulating in the house. Some can help you track the home air quality, enabling you to regulate the air quality in all the house rooms.

Use safe paints

The paints to be used in homes should have low volatile organic compounds. The chemicals from paints can reduce air quality, especially if the paints take longer to dry.

Regularly maintain the AC system

The AC system keeps the air and humidity quality in the house balanced. Regularly maintaining the system helps remove debris in the system that may improve the air quality. For HVAC maintenance services, contact CLF services to help you improve air quality and keep your home safe.